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For those who don’t read Russian, Hebrew, or Yiddish, visiting the Jewish Museum of Odessa is a challenge. 

The visitor has the feeling of being in unknown territory. And yet he senses that between these walls are hidden precious traces of the history of the Jews of the Black Sea Pearl, and perhaps of his own history. He wanders from one room to another of the reconstituted apartment. His eyes meet those of the poet Bialik, omnipresent in group photos yellowed by the very special light of the City.

He captures the glimmers of hope of these men and women taking the boat to Palestine in 1919. He looks tenderly at the familiar objects, with respect towards Judaica. 

But he doesn’t know that in trunks and wardrobes are stored thousands of traces of lives, who are now broken by the violence of history. 

This precious patrimony of a rich history and a powerful symbolic range must be protected, put in value and put at the disposal of the public. That’s why, after a visit of this necessary place, it became obvious for me to work to support and modernize the Jewish Museum of Odessa. 

This exciting project is underway. Important steps have already been taken. A group of resource persons joined the project. Collaboration with the Friends of Odessa is a promising step. On this website you will find regular and varied information about the progress of work.

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Thank you for your support!

Agnès Camincher

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